What is the role of Collagen in our body?

The human body consists of billions of cells that are interconnected and lie on some elastic basis, which is called collagen. Collagen deficiency is a huge problem, which makes hair, teeth, nails, skin, muscles, bones, joints, and blood vessels suffer.

Our body produces collagen itself from amino acids supplied with food. So health, well-being, and appearance depends on the level of its production.

Figures will help to highlight the role of collagen in our body. So collagen makes:

  • 70% of connective tissue;

  • 70% of the weight of skin proteins;

  • 25-35% of the proteins of our body;

  • 60% of the gums are collagen fibers;

  • 53% of cartilages;

  • 27% of bone tissue;

  • more than 50% of blood vessels.

Recently, a lot of attention has been devoted to this substance, both by scientists and ordinary people. And if it’s not for collagen, the human body would crumble into small pieces. Its deficiency in the body is a huge problem, which makes almost all organs and tissues suffer. As a sad result, it leads to these symptoms:

  • teeth problems;

  • hair loss;

  • nails growth and normal structure breakdown

  • skin dryness, rapid aging, wrinkles;

  • muscle weakness;

  • bones and joints fragility;

  • blood vessels structure damage;

  • spine problems;

  • visual impairment.

In most cases, people have to deal with age-related collagen deficiency, as after 25 years, its synthesis slows down, and we begin to age. To increase the collagen level in the body, you need a combined approach. A set of measures to improve the collagen level in the body consists of:

  1. quit smoking;

  2. the dietary regime and quality normalization (fast food, soda, smoked meats, and other harmful products refusal);

  3. prevent ultraviolet rays exposure;

  4. fine physical activity;

  5. vitamins intake;

  6. hydrolyzed collagen powder as a dietary supplement intake.

The latter is fantastic thanks to balanced amino acids and vitamin composition that restores the lost collagen structure. Unflavored hydrolyzed collagen peptides are easy to mix and even easier for your body to absorb. The effect will not take long: the skin structure will improve, bones, teeth, and muscles will become stronger, and spine more stable.





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