The signs of collagen degradation in the body.

Collagen helps maintain young, smooth, supple skin, healthy joints, and bones. Its decrease

can lead to many skin, tooth, hair, and cartilage problems. In this article, we list symptoms of collagen destruction, so have a look at them and find a piece of advice how to avoid these

health troubles.

  • Loss of natural fullness.

Young skin has a natural fullness and beauty that gives volume to the face. With age, the

natural fullness begins to fade. The face loses its fullness, and hollows start to form under the

eyes, while the cheeks become flatter. It's a sure sign that there is not enough collagen in the

body, and it needs to be renewed.

  • Joint pain

Another sign of collagen deficiency is leg pain during movement. Adults, for example, weaken in the upper and lower extremities due to excessive loss of collagen. When collagen is lost, stiffness and swelling of the joints occur.

  • Wrinkles

Even young girls at age 20 have fine lines and wrinkles. Stress is the main culprit, but a lack of collagen can also be the cause. Dehydration makes fine lines even more in-depth, so it's crucial to eat collagen-rich foods, drink plenty of water, and take collagen peptides as a food supplement. If the problem is ignored, these fine wrinkles can turn into deep ones, which are very difficult to get rid of.

  • Hair problems

Another indicator of collagen deficiency is thin hair, without shine and softness. As a result of collagen decrease in the body, the hair is split and broken, which are very difficult to restore. It can even lead to severe hair loss. Poor hair health is usually accompanied by problems with nails and skin problems such as acne, rashes, and more.

  • Poor memory and sleep disorder

Glycine, a vital element of collagen, can play a critical role in the proper functioning of the brain.

It also helps improve sleep. An increased level of collagen in the body also improves memory.

So these are only a few symptoms; of course, there are a lot more health damages caused by falling collagen levels. It's best to prevent these symptoms than to treat them for many years. For preventing mode, use hydrolyzed collagen powder as a dietary supplement: this is pasture-raised cattle non-GMO grass-fed gluten-free unflavored and easy to mix product, which you can add to any dish or drink. By using it regularly, you protect yourself from the symptoms mentioned above, which can lead to severe diseases.

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