My results of 90 days collagen challenge

Collagen is now at the peak of demand among dietary supplements and sports nutrition. As I work hard in the gym, I try to eat right, drink a lot of water, so to improve my results, I decided to give in to the hype for collagen and try to take it. Also, earlier, I had some issues to improve, such as hair, skin, and joints health. And I knew that, as any medicine intake needs a systematic approach, the collagen intake needs it as well.

"I decided that I would take collagen for three months without breaks to evaluate its full effectiveness.

So 90 days have passed, and now I'm ready to share the results." - HELENA

I've chosen Perfotek because it is pasture-raised, non-GMO, grass-fed, gluten-free collagen. It is easy to mix and odorless, so I can add it to any drink and dish I want. So what are the benefits of 90 days collagen challenge?

  1. Joints and cartilage. Since I work out in the gym 3-4 times a week and exercise with heavy weights, sometimes I felt discomfort and crepitus in the joints, especially during squats. After the first month of taking collagen, the crepitus disappeared, exercises became more comfortable to do, and even movements became more natural and kind of smoother. Running became a joy. I learned that collagen is the main component of the joints, and when they lack collagen, the joints begin to weaken and wear out. But now no arthritis or diseases like that threatens me.

  2. Skin. Nowadays, a lot of magazines, bloggers, and influencers chat a lot about the benefits of collagen for facial skin. That's why I believed in this collagen trick least of all because I thought that it was all advertising. So I decided to take a photo every week. At first, I did not notice anything looking at the mirror, but from the picture, I noticed that the skin became tightened and became more hydrated, small wrinkles smoothed out. Later, even without a photo, I began to see that the skin became healthier and younger.

  3. Cellulite. I won't say that the cellulite problem bothered me very much before, but still, I had it a bit on hips and butt areas. But, as I have already known about collagen's superpower for facial skin, so a miracle happened, and the cellulite smoothed out, and the skin also became more elastics.

4. The muscles. Before taking collagen, the muscle growth was slow and not very noticeable; as a result of taking collagen protein, muscles began to receive additional energy needed for training. The long- awaited relief of the biceps and abs appeared. In general, a muscle mass gaining boosted.

7. Stomach. Before starting my course, I decided to find out if collagen also makes any good for the stomach and GIT. It turned out that collagen is present in the connective tissue of the intestine and helps strengthen the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. And yes, after 90 days of collagen intake, I noticed that bloating, cramping, and other ailments don't bother me at all now.

My 90 days of collagen intake challenge is over, I take a short break, but I'm not going to stop. I really liked the magical results of collagen, and now I do not want to quit it ever. And what about your results?





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